marine mammal parents


Hello! im opening up commissions again!

-I’ll draw:

  •  fanart
  •  OCs
  •  gore

-I wont draw:

  •  NSFW
  •  robots
  •  super complicated designs (sorry)

-I have a art tag if you’d like more examples!

-If you’re interested in commissioning me please message me here on tumblr!

- All payments will be made through paypal (my paypal is agent97@sbcglobal.net) i wont start on your commission till it’s paid! once vie started i’ll send you updates here n there on the status of your commission!) 

even if you cant get something i’d really appreciate if you signal boosted this!! uwuc

i had a lot of free time today n idk why craig came out 800 times smaller :/



This is why, ladies and gentlemen, we should all invest in church camp.

if i ever neglect to reblog this assume i’m dead


I think Cedar is my favorite or close to my favorite EAH character. I wanted to draw her in some more casual clothing and I like Dread Buns and flowers.


I couldn’t sleep so I decided to finish this drawing of Ashlynn Ella (from the show I work on) before tackling colors to a comic book cover.  Enjoy!

On another note, I’ve not forgotten about the “Draw Yourself Meme”, I just have a lot of freelance and day job work to do before I can get to those.

feel like shit but what else is new


when i was in hs i was really into the sp fandom and creek especially, i really identified with tweek (surprise i always fall for the neurological atypical types)

bleh i have a headache and im not happy w how im drawing..


Here are they! 2014 is gonna be a very expensive year

im a sucker for ship fanmixes dont look at me


A Creek Fanmix: happy, cute, and somewhat sad songs to fill all of your otp needs. **Cover art by Preoprix**

1.Feel Again- One Republic//2.Bruises- Chairlift//3.Be Gentle With Me- Boy Least Likely To//4.I Wasn’t Prepared- Eisley//5.Five Years Time- Noah and the Whale//6.Ho Hey- The Lumineers//7.Strange Attractor-ANIMAL KINGDOM//8.Yellow- Coldplay//9.Little Lion Man- Mumford and Sons//10.Coffee and Cigarettes- Never Shout Never


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